Vandalism on Wikis is the act of 'griefing' pages with the intent of annoying editors or the intent of getting your point seen.

Forms of Vandalism include:Edit

1. Removing all content from pages.

2. Replacing content of pages with nonsenbse/gibberish.

3. Replacing content of pages with mildly rude to very obscene phrases.

4. Adding nonsense/gibberish into pages.

5. Adding mildly rude to very obscene comments or phrases to pages.

6. Redirecting pages to random others without a need of redirection in place.

7. All of the above, but to the vandal's personal gain.

Methods against vandalisms include:Edit

1. Blocking Vandals for any period of time, including infinite.

2. Protecting pages to prevent editing.

3. Locking pages to prevent editing.

4. Having provisions in place that only let registered users edit on a Wiki, or No Anonymous (Anon) Users aren't allowed to edit.

5. Having bots in place that automatically revert any negative edits, including Vandalism.